The Clothesline

If all of our troubles were hung on a line, you would choose yours and I would choose mine.

Why July 4, 2009

The search for intelligent life.

I pined for motherhood for years but when it arrived it was a cold shock.  My pre-motherhood life had afforded me an obscene amount of  time to myself. My social life screeched to a halt.  I was too exhausted to indulge in any of my favourite past times.  I tended to binge on hobbies, gardening for hours and days on end til “Voila” there was no sod left in the yard at all.   Scrap booking for months straight til nearly every photo we possessed was adhered and filed away.

A couple years ago, my dear sister turned me on to a blog “about make up”

And a new obsession began. Blogs. My new blog friend was a mother like no other mother I knew. She still got haircuts,  loved make up and shopping. She read books!! And she gave me hope that my life might return to something I recognized.

My blog lust was insatiable and I had to search for more moms out there like me. To be truthful, I haven’t found too many others 🙂  Along the way I’ve discovered all kinds of talented folk who have inspired me in dozens of different ways and taught me so much.


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