The Clothesline

If all of our troubles were hung on a line, you would choose yours and I would choose mine.

Waste Not Want Not July 25, 2009

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When Grandma thought about what we might do when breaking up her household, it just made her mad. In no uncertain terms she made it clear before she died that she didn’t want us backing a dumpster up and disposing of her life’s work. Grandma was far from being a hoarder but she had eleven closets on the first floor of her home. She had a 2000+ square foot unfinished basement and two garages for storage. Everything was in its place 🙂

I hope she would be happy with how we handled things. In our defense, atleast we didn’t take it all and turn it in to an art installation. I’m pretty sure that’s an option Grandma did not consider.

I found this very interesting…

Waste Not


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